Create a digital list of KYC documents

Considering the purpose of the KYC process, it’s no wonder that it results in a lot of work (and paperwork) for your clients as seen previously.

Unfortunately, there’s no way around it.

So what happens when a new client inquires about your services, and you send them a mile-long email that signals hours spent on document-hunting, scanning, and emailing?

Usually, they reconsider, right?

Maybe they don’t need your particular service? Maybe they can find someone who will make the KYC onboarding process faster and easier for them? And they find that someone.

Well… what if we told you that someone could be you?

You could make your Ondato KYC process faster and easier. You could reduce new client churn (drastically) by speeding things up and making them frictionless. And you could be that business people turn to when they’re frustrated and annoyed with how long it takes your competition to get the ball rolling.

All you need is KYC onboarding software.

Create a Seamless KYC Onboarding Experience When it comes to KYC documents and forms, the three most important things for you as the service provider are:

 your clients don’t churn because you’re giving them a week’s worth of work; 

you can repeat the process with five, ten, or 1,000 clients;

you’re doing what the law requires of you (faster, cheaper, and more accurate).

You’ll get all that once you transition your eKYC.

Create your KYC documents request

Use KYC onboarding templates or build your custom workflow. Your workflow can include custom KYC forms, KYC documents, and contracts.

You can easily tailor form fields (depending on which data you’re collecting), and add file quests to your workflow to collect supporting documents.